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A Strong and Steady Denture-Free Solution

When faced with the seemingly inevitable “denture decision”, we encourage you to think again. Dentures might seem like the only option, but there are other, better, options available for you. You can start your search here at New Albany Implants where one visit will give you all of your dental restoration options. One of our most popular choices for a full-arch restoration is the One Day Smile Solution.

Dentures are messy and can cause you to feel uncomfortable when you try to live your regular life with teeth that look, feel, and function like fake teeth. They’re better than no teeth, but we believe that dentures are a last resort option for most patients. Instead of dentures, we encourage our patients to have prosthetic teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth!

The One Day Smile Solution

This treatment was developed by Dr. Malo, a doctor who practices in Portugal. Our own Dr. Ron traveled to Lisbon to study this solution so that he could bring it back to you. The solution calls for four implants (small titanium posts) to be placed at very precise angles in your jaw bone. These implants will support all of the crowns needed to fully restore your full arch of teeth (tops or bottoms). We will even place your permanent crowns on the day of your surgery!

Imagine walking into our office with no teeth, and walking out with a fully-functional set of permanent, prosthetic teeth that won’t shift, become loose, or fall out! You can plan to have your favorite foods that night for dinner! This solution is strong and steady, and it doesn’t involve denture cleaners!

Come see us soon! Set up an appointment today, and let us show you ALL of your possible solutions. You can choose the one that works best for you!