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A Solution for the Rest of Your Life

Dental work can be incredibly frustrating! You have a problem, so you get it fixed. A few years later, your solution to the first problem has failed, or is in need of repair or replacement. You get it fixed. A few years later, another tooth needs the same restoration, and so on and so on until your teeth are all gone, and then you’ll wear the same pair of dentures for the rest of your life, right? We are sorry to say that no, that’s not true! The nature of dentures and the way your mouth will change will lead to a new set of dentures every few years. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to think about it, not to mention expensive!

There is a solution with long-lasting success! Dental implants from New Albany Implants will most likely last you for the better part of the rest of your life! Dental implants are an extremely successful procedure when done right. Dr. Ron’s 98+% success rate is even higher than the average success rate of 96%. Dental implants are not cheaply done, but the cost is a true investment in your life-long smile, not to mention our many, varying financial plans.

10-Year “No Worry” Dental Warranty

To make you feel even more confident, Dr. Ron created his 10-Year “No Worry” Dental Warranty. This applies to all dental implants. A dental warranty is rare anyway, but a 10-year warranty is truly unique. Dr. Ron also guarantees all of his prosthetic work for 5 years. If you’re tired of having the same work done over and over, Dr. Ron is the dentist for you!

If you want dental work done right, you need to come to New Albany Implants. There is no better feeling than knowing your dental work is going to last and last. That’s the way dental work should be: permanent. Contact us today if you want your next procedure to be the last procedure for a long, long time! Stop throwing money at your mouth and find out what a dental investment really looks like!