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A Remedy for Ill-Fitting Dentures

When you lose a tooth, a bony ridge of tissues is left on the area of the missing tooth. The ridge provides a stable base for dentures, but this may start to disappear or resorb over time. Without anything stable to grab onto, your dentures may become loose and ill-fitting.

Loose dentures are anything but pleasant. You may find it hard to eat or speak without worrying about them slipping off and leading to more embarrassment. What’s worse is loose dentures may put unnecessary pressure on your gums, accelerating bone loss and causing more discomfort.

Dental adhesives may provide temporary relief and comfort to ill-fitting dentures, but there may be a better solution. Among the many treatment we often recommend are mini implants for dentures. Effective for missing teeth and loose dentures, these offer long-term solutions that may go beyond standard restorations.

Mini implants are much like standard dental implants, except they differ in size. They secure dentures on the lower arch of the mouth, keeping them tight and stable on the gums. They also prevent other teeth from shifting or creating gaps, giving your smile a natural look.

Mini dental implants are less invasive than standard restorations, but are quite effective in difficult cases. We often recommend these if the patient has extensive bone loss or gum recession causing failed denture support. These may also be ideal for those who don’t have enough bone density required for a dental implant placement.

The procedure takes only a few hours to complete, and the recovery period is minimal. You may even leave the office with your new permanent dentures. These take away the inconvenience of wearing temporary restorations or waiting many months for results.

Convenience and improved appearance are among the many benefits you may get after the procedure. With mini dental implants, you don’t need to use dental adhesives to secure your dentures. You may also eat and speak more properly without any sense of awkwardness. What’s even better is you may show your best smile without feeling embarrassed.

If you’re interested to learn more about our mini dental implants, we’d be more than glad to provide a thorough explanation. Set an appointment with our dentist today!