A Few Things About Dental Implants You Will Want to Know

dental implants costsThere is no denying the importance of healthy teeth. They give us the ability to talk, chew, and smile, which almost all Americans consider an important social asset, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The rise of cosmetic dental work in recent years, particularly dental implants, is one indication that people are willing to have cosmetic teeth surgery in order to ensure their teeth look natural and bright. If you are considering investing in dental implants, here are a few pros and cons you might want to know before making the appointment.


Dental implants are one of the only cosmetic dental procedures that give patients the feeling of natural teeth. Unlike veneers or dentures, the permanent nature of implants, and the crown or bridge, feels more like your own teeth.

You may never have to get your implants redone. The advantage of this surgery is that if you take of your implants properly, they can last you a lifetime. For example, there are particular brushes used to clean implants, that reach into the abutments to clean them from the inside. As long as you use these tools, and follow the procedures for keeping full dental implants clean, you will be able to make them last.

Implants preserve your natural tooth tissue. While conventional bridgework requires the need to cut down adjacent teeth, implants simply focus on the tooth or teeth that require implanting. With implants, the adjacent teeth have shown a reduced chance of needing any restorative intervention.


There is always the risk that nerves in adjacent teeth can be damaged. This can lead to pain, numbness, and tingling around the mouth. And if the implant is not precisely placed, it could cause damage to adjacent teeth.

The treatment can take from three to nine months to complete. Before the abutment or crown is fastened to the implant, cosmetic dentists wait for the implant to heal, which could take time, depending on the patient. There is usually swelling and bruising after the implant is placed into the jawbone. After the stitches are taken out, which could take up to a week or so, the abutments are put into place, which also spans over a few appointments. There are same day dental implants available to patients, but they are often not as successful.

Dental implants costs are typically high. In some cases, the process might first require the extraction of a tooth or multiple teeth, and if any complications arise, additional appointments will incur more charges. Average dental implants costs can reach $4,000 per tooth, and insurance does not always cover this procedure.

It would be beneficial to first talk to your cosmetic dentist about your particular situation. If you only require a few implants instead of a full set, then you may not face many complications, and dental implants costs may not be an issue for you. With the help of your dentist, you will be able to figure out if implants are right for you. They could be the best way to restore natural looking, healthy teeth to your smile.

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