A Few Reasons Why Dentures Are the Worst!

Dentures aren’t great. If you have dentures and love them, we’d like to meet you, because most of the denture-wearers we know are pretty miserable. We’re guessing no one told you just how bad dentures were, so we’re going to provide you with a list of reasons why traditional dentures are simply the worst!

1) Facial Collapse

The nature of your bone is to diminish when not in use. This is exactly what happens to your jaw bone when your teeth are gone. Traditional dentures do nothing to stop it, and you end up with sunken cheeks, pursed lips, and extra wrinkles.

2) Not Enjoying Food

Who could enjoy their favorite foods with a plastic roof across their mouth, and teeth that can’t chew very well? All the adhesives in the world won’t make this go away.

3) Physical Discomfort

Getting the correct fit with dentures takes time and several dental appointments. Once you get the best fit, your bone will change and you’ll start the process all over again. In the mean time, your dentures are slipping and sliding and causing distress to your gums. What a pain!

4) Extra products

Think dentures are less expensive? Wait until you add up the cost of denture cleaners, adhesives, and containers for the rest of your life. Throw in a couple extra sets of dentures (for when your dentures stop fitting correctly or get thrown in the trash), and you’re looking at a lot more money than you anticipated.

5) Embarrassment

None of the things we mentioned above compare to the feeling you’ll get the first time your teeth fall out of your mouth. You should feel comfortable smiling all the time, but dentures just don’t allow you to do that.

If you think dentures are your only solution, think again! We can completely replace your dentures with the One Day Smile Solution, or we can stabilize your lower dentures using mini-dental implants. Either way, you’re in better shape than dealing with traditional teeth in a jar! Contact us today to learn more and to set up your initial consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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