A Complete Restoration in One Visit

Dreamworks has a new movie coming out this summer about a dragon and the boy he adopted as a rider. The dragon’s name is Toothless. He’s a pretty amazing creature who grins with his gums in one instant, and then SHING, he shows a mouth of teeth! Our One Day Smile Solution isn’t quite that quick, but it’s close! Luckily, none of our patients are dragons.

The One Day Smile Solution is different from traditional implants in a number of ways. It is less pain, less invasive, less recovery time, and less worry about the future! The traditional implant method (for full restoration) is to place an implant for every tooth. This would take a couple of procedures just to place them all, and then quite a while to allow for healing. In the 1990s, dentist Paulo Malo came up with a better technique, and our Dr. Ron went to Portugal to learn this new procedure for our patients here in New Albany.

The Better Technique

The better solution for whole arch dental restorations is to strategically place four implants around your arch. We then place a few crowns on each secure implant. The One Day Smile Solution can be completed in one sitting, and we can place temporary crowns on your new implants so that you can go home and enjoy your favorite meal that same day!

Imagine never having to think twice before taking a bite or smiling. Imagine being able to brush and floss your teeth at the end of the day and not leave them sitting in a jar in your bathroom. It would be almost like having the smile of your youth again! In fact, it would be exactly like having the smile of your youth! Contact us today to find out more. Let us help you restore your youthful look in one visit!

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!
Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

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