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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Why Smiling Matters

Did you know that politicians and movie stars practice smiling? They literally stand in front of mirror and try out different grins. So do employees in the hospitality industry, and even some health care workers.

Why would these people devote their time to something as seemingly simple as a smile?

Because smiles matter!

Smiles express a variety of emotions, and have numerous health benefits, both psychological and physical. Not to mention all the social benefits of an engaging smile!

We here at New Albany Implants want to keep Southern Indiana smiling, so that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with a beautiful set of teeth.

The Psychology of Smiling

Whereas hand gestures and other forms of body language have different meanings in different countries and regions, smiles are universal. They mean essentially the same things across every culture in the world.

Babies smile as early as five weeks old. Which means that smiling is a natural behavior and not a learned one. This natural smile engages muscles in both the mouth and the eyes and is an outward expression of happiness and joy.

Smiling is literally contagious. If you smile, those around you are likely to smile, creating a bonding moment and increasing trust and cooperation. This is helpful for workplace scenarios that require effective teamwork, as well as social situations, like parties and family gatherings.

Some people cannot smile because of physical conditions like facial paralysis, and studies have shown that these people have a more difficulty in relationships, both professional and personal. These effects also apply to those who choose not to smile, for whatever reason. So the importance of smiling cannot be understated. Smiles are essential for interpersonal communication.

The Healing Power of Smiling

The act of smiling releases hormones, like endorphins, into your bloodstream. This helps to relieve stress and can even decrease pain as the result of injury. That is why you may find yourself smiling and laughing after falling on your face.

The relief of stress associated with smiling helps the body to relax, which boosts your immune system so it can more effectively protect your overall well being. Smiling has also been shown to lower your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure. So something as simple as a smile can have a significant effect on how your body functions and fights off disease and other health hazards.

Sometimes the psychological effects of smiling go hand-in-hand with the physical. Patients with serious, long-term illnesses often fall prey to depression, which deters the healing process and slows, if not outright halts, the recovery process. Smiling and laughing combats depression, improves the patient’s attitude, and aids the healing process. Studies have shown that patients with upbeat attitudes have a greater success rate when recovering from life threatening illness.

Smiling can literally heal your body!

Keep Smiling!

People who are not happy with their teeth are less likely to smile. Missing teeth and other dental problems often cause you to keep your mouth closed to hide your smile. This can have serious consequences to your overall health and well being.

At New Albany Implants we offer a variety of services to make sure you are happy with your teeth and proud of your smile. Whether you need bridges or implants, our office offers a solution for you.

Our friendly, smiling staff will make sure you’re comfortable and at ease, so that your dental experience is a happy one. There is no question that smiling is an essential component to a healthy lifestyle. So don’t let any insecurities about your teeth keep you from grinning your way to feeling great in Southern Indiana!

Contact New Albany Implants now and be proud of your smile!

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