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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

We Can Restore Your Smile From Start To Finish

Some people try to live without their lost teeth, but often they realize that is not a good long-term solution.

They can’t help noticing that other people are noticing that they are missing teeth. This leads many people to feel embarrassed about the condition of their smiles. Some people will even try to avoid going out in public because of this.

Other people become frustrated by how their missing teeth affect what they can and can’t eat. When you want a steak with steamed carrots, but the only thing on the menu you can eat is soup, it’s easy to understand why someone might start eating meals at home instead of dining out with family and friends.

Dr. Ron Receveur and our team at New Albany Implants don’t want anyone to be worried about their smiles. We also want you to be able to eat anything you’d like.

If you are interested in strong, stable, natural-looking teeth replacements with a lifetime warranty, then you should call (812) 945-7645 to schedule a consultation today.


We Understand What You Are Experiencing

Dr. Ron knows what it’s like to be frustrated with your smile. He was born with a partial cleft palate and a congenitally missing tooth. For years, he had a plastic “flipper” that was meant to replace his missing tooth. It was uncomfortable to wear, and it actually made it harder for him to eat.

When he got a little older, his dentist made a traditional bridge for him. His own experience (and frequent dental visits) because of his missing tooth inspired him to seek as much information as he could about replacing lost and missing teeth.

When he found out about dental implants — screw-like titanium cylinders that replace the roots of missing teeth — he wanted to learn as much as he could about them. He studied at the Midwest Implant Institute with Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller, who has placed more than 35,000 implants. He traveled to Portugal to study at the Malo Institute. This was founded by Dr. Paulo Malo, the innovator of the All-On-4™® implant placement technique.

Dr. Ron has used his education to place thousands of implants of his own. He’s also used his experience to develop his own approach to implant placement.

It’s what he calls the All-In-One-Place™ concept.


We Can Handle Your New Teeth from Start to Finish

Many dentists do not have the training to place implants. As a result, they often refer their patients to experts who can handle the placement procedure.

Then their patients have to return to their dentist, sometimes months later, to have a crown, bridge, or dentures placed on their implant or implants (depending on how many of their teeth need to be replaced).

Based on what patients have told us, most of them would prefer to have the same dentist handle their entire process. You can get that at New Albany Implants.

Dr. Ron has the technology and the know-how to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for implants (a vast majority of people with missing teeth are). He also uses that technology to carefully plan and precisely place implants where they will provide the greatest benefits for you.

We also have an in-house dental lab where you restorations (your crown, bridge, or dentures) will be crafted. Our materials look and feel like natural teeth.

And when your teeth replacements are added to your implants, you may be surprised how much it looks and functions like real teeth.

By coming to New Albany Implants, we will oversee every step of the process for you. As a result, you won’t have to travel back and forth between multiple offices to restore your smile!


Are You Ready to Smile Again?

If you are tired of turning down invitations because of your missing teeth …

If you are sick of with settling on soft, mushy foods …

If you are ready to start living your life like you want …

Then you are ready to call (812) 945-7645 or contact New Albany Implants online to request an appointment with Dr. Ron.

No one in our office will criticize you or judge you because of the condition of your smile. Our only goal is to work with you so you can eat what you want and smile with confidence again.

Visiting us is the first step to restoring your teeth and so much more!


The All-On-4™® treatment concept is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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