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Three Reasons To Replace Your Teeth With Mini Implants

When the first modern dental implants were placed in the 1960s, it was a revolutionary development in restorative dentistry.

Thanks to dental implants, patients could have a natural-looking smile, and they could eat like they could before they lost their teeth. Traditional dentures can restore a smile, but anyone who has them can tell how they make eating more challenging.

At New Albany Implants, we want as many patients as possible to enjoy the life-changing benefits of implant-supported dentures. This is why we offer mini implants in addition to our full-size implants.

To find out if mini implants are right for you, make an appointment by calling our dentist office in New Albany, IN, at 888-469-3982 or contacting us online.

For now, keep reading to learn a “little” more about why you might want to try mini implants for your smile.


▶︎ 1. Mini Implants Can Do What Other Dental Implants Can

Dental implants can do a lot of things.

For someone who is missing one tooth, a dental implant can support a dental crown.

For someone who is missing multiple teeth, dental implants can support a dental bridge.

And for anyone who is missing an entire row of teeth, dental implants can support and secure a set of dentures.

Dental implants are a prosthetic that replaces the roots of your missing teeth. They may be unseen, but their benefits apparent to our team at New Albany Implants.

Implants are like an anchor that secures your dental crown, dental bridge, or dentures in your jaw. This means your replacement teeth will remain in place whether you are speaking to someone, biting into an apple, or chewing a delicious piece of steak.

Mini implants can do all these same things, and you may find they are actually a better option in some instances.

You can call us at 888-469-3982 if you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Receveur or Dr. Frederick. They will happy to answer your questions about dental implants and mini implants.


▶︎ 2. Mini Implants Will Fit When Other Implants Won’t

Losing your teeth can create a number of problems. One issue is your jaw can start to shrink, which can lead to other problems as well.

Your roots didn’t just hold your teeth in your jaw. They also helped your jaw stay healthy and strong. Your roots press into your jaw with each bite and every chew.

That pressure is good for your jawbone. It stimulates the jaw to make new bone tissue. This new tissue replaces the old tissue and keeps your jaw at full strength.

When you lose teeth, you no longer have roots to press into your jaw. With time, your jaw will lose mass if it does not create new bone tissue. By replacing your roots with dental implants, your jawbone can continue to receive the stimulation it needs to make new tissue.

Traditional dentures aren’t anchored by dental implants. As a result, they won’t provide the pressure you jawbone needs. As your jaw shrinks, it affects the shape of your mouth. That affects how well (or poorly) your dentures fit.

While dental implants can help you maintain the size of your jaw, you have to have enough bone to hold the implants in place. One solution to this issue is a bone graft, which is when bone tissue is transplanted into your jaw.

As you heal, the transplanted bone tissue and the existing jaw grow together. In other words, you have to have another procedure and recover from that procedure before you can get your dental implants.

This is where mini implants have helped so many patients. Mini implants have a smaller diameter than full-size implants. Mini implants often can fit when dental implants won’t.

In other words, you often can get your mini implant-supported dentures without needing a bone graft first.

Dr. Receveur or Dr. Frederick will be happy to examine your jaw to let you know if mini implants could work for you. Make your appointment today to get started.


▶︎ 3. You Can Recover More Quickly With Mini Implants

This is a function of the size of mini implants. Since they are smaller, they have less of an effect when they are placed in your jawbone. As a result, you can recover from your placement procedure in less time than you would with a full-size dental implant.

For this reason, some patients will choose mini implants even when they could support a full-size implant.


Learn More Before You Decide

The dentists at New Albany Implants have been helping patients in New Albany, Louisville, and throughout the region for years. If you are going to get dental implants, then you should go to a dentist who understands all the options and can answer all your questions.

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