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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Three Benefits That Come With Dental Implants

You may have heard of dental Implants. You may have an idea what dental implants are.

And yet, you may still be wondering if you should be getting implants to replace your missing teeth.

The short answer is that you should owe it to yourself to talk to someone who can explain all the benefits of dental implants before you make your decision. You can do this by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Ron Receveur at New Albany Implants.

Dr. Receveur is one of the country’s leading experts on implants and implants placement, and his dentist office is right here in New Albany, IN.

To contact us about an appointment, call (812) 945-7645or fill out our online form.

In the meantime, you can learn about some of the biggest benefits that come with getting dental implants below.

☐ 1. Dental implants make eating comfortable.

If you are missing teeth and have traditional dentures, then you already understand why this is a benefit.

Eating with dentures can be difficult, and it becomes more difficult with time. Since traditional dentures rest outside of your gums, they aren’t connected to your jawbone. This matters for multiple reasons.

Without that connection, you can’t put nearly as much power behind your bite. This can turn chewing a piece of chicken or biting into an apple into a chore rather than a pleasure.

The lack of connection also affects your jawbone over time. When you only have dentures, your jaw shrinks. This affects how well — or how poorly — your dentures fit. This can make it uncomfortable and even painful to try to eat with dentures alone.

With implant-supported dentures, you have a connection to your jaw. This helps you bite and chew more naturally. Having implants also helps to maintain the shape and size of your jaw.

☐ 2. Dental implants make teeth replacements more convenient.

Again, this starts with the fact that traditional dentures rest outside of your gums.

Another way of saying this is that dentures “float” over your gums. This explains why dentures can get pushed or pulled out of place when you try to eat certain foods, or why they can slip and slide while you are speaking.

In either situation, the movement of your dentures can be annoying, embarrassing, frustrating, or all three at the same time.

To temporarily secure your dentures, you could try using a denture adhesive. This can be messy. It can also interfere with the flavor of your food. That means you may be trading the enjoyment you once got from tasting the things you eat for a little comfort from a gooey adhesive.

With dental implants, you won’t need any adhesives. Instead, you could bite, chew, speak, and sing (if you want) because your replacement teeth will be held firmly in place.

☐ 3. Dental implants can help you feel more confident.

The problems with traditional dentures aren’t just physical.

When you aren’t sure your dentures will stay in place, you may become hesitant to try new foods. You might even quit eating some foods entirely for fear that your “teeth” will come out. You may even avoid dining out with family and friends.

Likewise, you may not feel as comfortable speaking either. Whether you are sharing a story from your last vacation or trying to order food at your favorite restaurant, you want your teeth to stay in place.

With dental implants, you can trust that you can get to the end of the story, complete your order without losing your teeth, and eat it when it arrives at your table.

Don’t Deal With Dentures When You Can Get Implants Instead

Dr. Ron Receveur understands why some people prefer to get dentures — at first. He also understands why so many patients decide to get dental implants later.

He sought out the leading experts in the field of implant placement. He’s learned from the best, and now he is one of the top implant-placement experts throughout Indiana and the greater Louisville area.

Our team at New Albany Implants knows what a difference implants have made for so many patients from all over the United States who have visited our office.

If you are missing teeth, call (812) 945-7645 or contact us online to set up a consultation. If you have questions about dental implants, we can give you answers.

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