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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

The Right Reasons To Try New Albany Implants

Hello and welcome to another September installment of the New Albany Implants blog!

Through this platform, we usually try to give you good, useful dentistry-related information so that you can better optimize the oral health of your family.

Well, we are going to give you some excellent information about restorative dentistry solutions. But, fair warning: we are going to toot our own horn just a bit.

When you have a leading expert in the field of dental implants on-hand (Dr. Ron), it’s hard not a brag a little.

That’s why, today, we want to talk to you about why choosing New Albany Implants really is your best bet for restoring your smile after tooth loss if you live in the Louisville or Southern Indiana area (and even if you don’t).

Keep reading to hear our reasons why you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for dental implants. And then be sure to get in touch with us to schedule your complimentary consultation with our team.

We Make Implants A Pain-free Experience

We offer sedation all the way up to general anesthesia. So, you can rest easy with us on your side!

We Have Tons Of Experience

Our success rate is extremely high. That is in part because Dr. Ron has decades of hands-on experience placing dental implants. He has learned his craft from some of the best in the business including the world renown, Dr. Jack Hahn.

We Are Widely Known

Our reputation has attracted patients from as far away as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and beyond. Wherever you are, it’s worth the trip, we promise!

We Don’t Outsource

Imaging, modeling, placement, and even your dental appliances are all made right here in house. This will lower your costs while boosting the quality of work that you get!

We Deliver Implants And Teeth In One Day

Getting impatient about living without teeth or putting up with slipper dentures? Our One Day Smile Solution will take you from getting implants placed to having a full set of permanent teeth in just a single visit.

We Are Cutting-Edge

In an effort to give you nothing but the best, our implant bridges are crafted from zirconia, an incredibly strong, incredibly realistic, and incredibly functional dental ceramic. You’ll love it!

We Make Implants Our Premier Service

We focus in advanced dental reconstruction and rehabilitation at our office because we want to be the best at what we do!

We Take Tough Cases

Don’t be discouraged. If other dentists have told you that you don’t have enough bone mass for implants let us take a look. We can even build up the bone.

We Guarantee Your Smile

Every dental implant we place comes with a ten-year “no worry” warranty. If your implant fails from normal use within ten years we’ll replace it, no strings attached.

We Are Ready To Rock

If you have been inspired to take the next step towards a more complete and healthier smile, we’re ready to see you for an implant consultation.

Contact us online by calling (812) 945-7645. Dr. Ron will have you smiling in no time!

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