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Eat Right, Eat Well With Dental Implants

Which of the following would you like to be able to eat: ☐ Corn on the cob ☐ Apples ☐ Steak ☐ Chicken ☐ Beef jerky ☐ Steamed carrots ☐ Chewy caramels ☐ Taffy You may not like all the…

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5 Reasons To Ditch Your Dentures In 2016

When did you first start losing teeth? If you wear partial or full dentures you might have lost your first tooth years ago and then watched them start falling out one by one. With all that denture wearing behind you…

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a man wearing glasses and smiling with healthy teeth

Greet The New Year With A New Smile

2016 is almost upon us. The holidays are in full swing, your life is busier than ever, and chances are you’re looking forward to the calm that will come with the new year. Even here in New Albany we’re looking…

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