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Get A Natural Looking New Smile With Dentures

Wait … those are dentures? They sure are! Dr. Donley is a patient of our New Albany, IN dental office. Dr. Receveur has given him a can’t-those-teeth-aren’t-his smile with detachable, dental implant- supported dentures. To learn more about how Dr.…

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Why Dentures Just Aren’t Worth It Anymore

All throughout history there have been records of dentures. Some were made of gold, others ivory, and during the Napoleonic Wars dentures were even made from the teeth of fallen soldiers. We’ve had a lot of different ways to replace…

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Fight Premature Aging With Dental Implants

You know the look: there might have been a grandparent, an elderly aunt, or simply someone you know who suffered from it: the sunken face that comes with tooth loss. Even with dentures it still seems to be there: the…

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Your Dental Care Personality: Who Are You?

At New Albany Implants we see a lot of customers who all have different needs for their dental care. We focus in the restoration of lost teeth but that doesn’t mean it’s all we do! We offer a wide variety…

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5 Great Reasons To Ditch Your Dentures!

Did you know that dentures have existed in one form or another for over 2000 years? They’ve been made of ivory, animal bone, the teeth of fallen soldiers, beeswax, and even iron! No matter the era in history there’s always…

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