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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Retraining Your Brain, Saving Your Smile In New Albany

Do you want to relax your fear and anxiety that goes along with going to the dentist?

New Albany Implants can help! In fact, Dr. Ron and the rest of our team would be willing to go further on your behalf than any other Greater Louisville dentist’s office, by offering the comprehensive Retrain Your Brain system.

Dr. Ron, has been, as he tells it, on the receiving end of “more dental work than most people could have over several lifetimes.” You can bet that he gets where you are coming from in terms of uneasiness. Accordingly, we try to make dentistry accessible to everyone. In today’s post we’ll tell you how we go about it. So, keep reading, and then be sure to get in-touch with our team to arrange for complimentary consultation.

Amazing Place

You may have heard that we maintain a state of the art facility here. That is something we take a lot of pride in. Still, the environment at our New Albany office is anything but cold and hospital-like.

As it happens, we take all the necessary steps to make it a welcoming, pain-free kind of place. We make it our mission to help you to get comfortable enough to let go of any fears based on prior less-than-pleasant experiences.

You see, making it feel like home around here is part of retraining your brain. But the process doesn’t stop there. It really spills into everything we do at New Albany Implants.

Advanced Tools, All-Star Team

For progress to be made, it will be important to recognize the triggers. Was there an unkind dentist in your past, or a drill that inflicted unexpected pain?

No matter where your fears come from, we will try to help you see that around here, we invest heavily in the modern tools and technology (not to mention training for staff) that make it easy to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great. Beyond that, we’re nice people who truly want what is best for you in our heart of hearts.

Retraining your brain figures in here. Simply getting used to the fact that some dentists are compassionate and will be here to optimize your oral health throughout your life. It’s OK if you aren’t converted on the spot. But we hope that eventually you will come around, so to speak.

All-Encompassing Sedation

Take our word, many patients still need some sort of sedation until they have been here a few times. Others can never completely get over whatever it is that haunts them about dentistry. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you or lecture you. Instead we will offer you one of four different levels of dental sedation and go from there. In the end, we will get you back to where you need to be in terms of oral health.

See For Yourself!

If you are ready to take the next step towards a healthier smile, then let’s get started!

Dr. Ron is the one dentist in New Albany, Indiana who knows just how to help you overcome your dental anxiety!

Contact us online or at (812) 945-7645 to schedule your next appointment, and we’ll get you the dental care you deserve!

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