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Mini Implants Are Making Smiles Better In New Albany, IN

Mini Implants Are Making Smiles Better, Teeth Replacements More Secure

They say that good things come in small packages. In the case of mini dental implants, that small package is actually a great thing.

The first modern dental implants were first placed in a person in 1965. Since then, implants have transformed modern restorative dentistry and teeth replacement. Ongoing research and innovations has made them better than they have ever better.

Mini implants, like the ones you will find at New Albany Implants, are one example of the improvements that have made implants better and more accessible for more patients.

You can make an appointment with Dr. Ronald L. Receveur if you would like to learn more about how mini implants can restore your smile.

How Mini Implants Are Similar To Other Implants

In a real sense, mini implants are dental implants. They can do the same things and provides similar restorative benefits for you smile.

Let’s say you have been living with dentures for a while. With time, you will become familiar with the pros and cons
of dentures.

One of the biggest downsides of having traditional dentures is they slip out, and the longer you have them, the more likely they are to fall out of place.

With time, it can become more and more difficult for you to eat. Many patients also find that their dentures slide out of place more frequently when they are speaking, too.

Mini implants or standard dental implants can help. With implants-secured dentures, you can feel confident that they will stay in place no matter what you eat or what you say.

And if you make you appointment at New Albany Implants, you can trust that your implants will be placed correctly regardless of whether you are getting them to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or a whole row of teeth.

Dr. Receveur started his dental implant training through Nobel BioCare, which is the world’s largest dental implant maker. He learned under Dr. Jack Hahn, a dentist who has placed more than 30,000 dental implants in his career.

Dr. Receveur studied dental implantology at the Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio. Dentists travel from around the world to study under the institute’s founder, Dr. Duke Heller, who has done more than 35,000 implant placements himself.

That knowledge goes into each implant and mini implant placement that we perform at New Albany Implants for our patients throughout Southern Indiana and the greater Louisville area.

Call us today to find out of mini implants are right for you.

How Mini Implants Are Different Than Other Dental Implants

You probably know the primary difference between mini implants and standard dental implants from the name alone. Mini implants are smaller than traditional implants.

Specifically, mini implants are made with at smaller diameter than other implants. Standard dental implants have diameters between 3.5 mm and 6mm. Mini implants can be 1.8 mm, 2.5, or 3 mm in diameter.

By offering these different mini implants, Dr. Receveur can and does help patients who don’t have
the bone mass to support standard dental implants.

And helping as many people as he can has been important to Dr. Receveur since he opened his practice. As a child, he had a missing tooth due to a congenital condition. He understands on personal level what it is like to have a bulky, uncomfortable plastic partial dentures in his mouth.

He also understands how having implant- or mini implant-supported dentures are much more comfortable for his patients in their daily lives.

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, call us at 888-469-3982 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our office today. Find out what mini implants could do for your smile.

The Advantages Of Mini Implants For Replacing Teeth

Mini implants were developed to help patients who lost too much bone density to support standard implants. The longer you live without a tooth or teeth, the more your jaw will shrink.

Mini implants can fit in places where standard implants won’t. This can save you from undergoing a bone graft, a costly and time-consuming procedure to rebuild your jaw.

Even if you can support standard implants, you may prefer mini implants for other reasons. Mini implants are less expensive than standard implants, and since mini implants are smaller, this can reduce your recovery time after you’ve had them placed.

Talk To Us About Getting Mini Implants

Dr. Receveur would be happy to discuss whether mini implants are right for you. Our dentists are based in Southern Indiana, but we have treated patients from all 50 states.

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