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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Mini Implant Dentures: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are mini implant dentures?

Mini implant dentures are dentures supported by mini dental implants. The implants are smaller than regular implants and can be placed even if you have extensive bone loss. Removable dentures rest on the gums, while implant dentures are anchored in place by mini dental implants. Dentures supported by implants are recommended if you have no teeth remaining. Instead of getting an implant for each lost tooth, four to six mini implants can stabilize a whole set of upper or lower teeth.

Q: I have loose upper dentures. Can I get mini implant dentures?

Dr. Receveur no longer recommends stabilizing an upper denture with mini dental implants. Mini implant dentures are usually placed on the lower jaw because lower dentures tend to move around a lot. Regular upper dentures are often stable on their own.

Q: What is the procedure?

After consultation, your dentist determines the number of mini dental implants to be used. The dentist then places the mini implants along your jaw at intervals. Finally, the dentures are snapped into place on top of the mini implants. Placing the mini implants and dentures can be accomplished in one appointment.

Q: How should I care for my mini implant dentures?

Mini implant dentures can be fixed (only the dentist can remove them) or removable (you can remove them). Removable mini implant dentures should be taken out and cleaned daily. You should also remove the dentures before you go to bed to let your gums rest. Fixed implant dentures should be cleaned like natural teeth. Brush and floss daily, and see your dentist regularly.

Q: I’m interested in implant dentures, but I’m scared of the dentist.

Dr. Receveur understands how you feel. This is why he provides intravenous (IV) sedation to help you relax during the procedure. You can take sedatives by having the drug administered into a vein (IV). IV sedation is ideal for patients with severe anxiety.

If you other questions about mini implants, feel free to call your New Albany implant dentist at (812) 945-7645 today.

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