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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Hydration: It’s More Important Than You Think!

You’ve probably been told to drink water your whole life – from parents to coaches to partners, everyone says you should stay hydrated. And guess what – they’re right! Staying hydrated has a number of positive physical effects on your body, from helping you stay awake to thinking more clearly and feeling better.

The part of hydration we’re most concerned about at New Albany Implants is the hydration that keeps your mouth in good shape. There are a lot of reasons to stay hydrated and oral health is one of them that should be at the top of the list!

>Water: It’s What Keeps You Moving!

Water is, plain and simple, the most important life-sustaining element on the planet. Without it your body would simply stop functioning! It regulates your temperature, your joints, your vital organs, and of course produces saliva in your mouth.

Saliva is an important part of your oral health because it acts a lot like a natural cleanser. It keeps your mouth clean of food particles and bacteria, one of the biggest threats to your oral health!

Oral Bacteria: What Does It Do?

You know that sticky white stuff on your teeth? That’s called plaque and it contains hundreds and hundreds of bacteria species. Lots of them are harmless but there are also plenty that cause serious harm to your teeth, causing decay and gum disease.

Plaque bacteria does harm by metabolizing sugar. When it gets ahold of the sweet stuff in the sweets you eat it turns it into acid that eats away at your enamel. Left undisturbed it will continue to go deeper and deeper into your teeth, causing painful and tooth-endangering cavities!

That’s where water comes in – it acts like nature’s mouthwash to rinse away food particles that can feed bacteria, the bacteria themselves, and the acid they create. It’s important that you drink water throughout the day to continually fight bacteria, especially after you eat something sugary or starchy!

What Else Can You Drink?

Water can get boring, we get it. There has to be other stuff you can drink to stay hydrated, right? Of course! Lots of fruit and vegetable juices can do the trick, and so can some solid fruits and veggies as well. Just be aware that while they might help you stay hydrated they are adding salts and sugars to your diet that can counteract their hydrating effectiveness!

Some caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea can help as well. While coffee tends to be our drink of choice in the United States there is something to be said for switching to tea – it’s great at protecting your teeth!

Tea, especially green, contains compounds called catechins that are excellent at fighting off plaque bacteria. They actually kill it, help rinse it away, and coat your teeth to make it harder for the remaining plaque to re-stick! You’ll be getting your morning pick-me-up and a boost of tooth protection in one cup! Just don’t add any sugar – that essentially nullifies the benefits.

What Shouldn’t You Drink?

It’s probably pretty obvious that you shouldn’t drink soda – way too much sugar! It also contains some of the worst kinds of sugar possible – fructose – which has no nutritional value at all. The only thing it does is get passed to your kidneys, where it’s poorly absorbed and stored as fat.

You should also avoid sports and energy drinks – those are filled with sugar as well! All you’re doing, especially if you’re dehydrated, is inviting cavities and gum disease!

The Oral Effects Of Dehydration

Have you ever noticed how sticky, dry, and gross your mouth tastes when you’re dehydrated? That’s because it’s filled with plaque that’s multiplying unchecked! Water is an essential part of keeping your mouth’s bacteria levels carefully regulated and healthy. Don’t ignore your hydration level and simply stick to water!

Concerned About Your Oral Health?

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