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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

How Powerful Is Modern Dental Technology?

You’ve probably heard about the latest fads and trends in technology and wonder just how useful they really are. In the case of dental technology that is now available the answer is obvious: incredibly useful! Advancements in the technology available in our office has made care leaps and bounds more effective than it was in the past!

Today we’re going to highlight just a few of the advanced machines that make your treatment state-of-the-art. From machines that we use during your cleaning to 3-D scanning technology we have a lot to offer!

Galileos 3-D CT Scanner

This impressive machine looks a lot like the old dental X-ray machines that you had to stand up in, but it’s way more powerful. The Galileos is able to digitally model your entire face, from the surface of your skin to the centers of your teeth. And it does it all in amazingly precise and high-resolution detail!

The Galileos allows us to plan treatments that would have been simply impossible to do before. The 3-D image that we are able to get from your scan allow us to see every blood vessel, nerve, cavity, and spot that you have, and that means better, faster dentistry for you!

Getting to a machine like this usually means a trip to a nearby hospital, but not at New Albany Implants. We are able to offer this great service right in our office! You’ll get clearer, faster results all in one place!

Digital X-rays Right In The Chair!

Dental X-rays have changed – you don’t even have to leave the chair to get one now! With digital X-ray technology we can use a small camera on an arm in each of our operatories. You’ll get your X-rays without lifting a leg!

The digital X-rays also feed to a machine with a monitor right next to your chair, allowing you to see each shot we take! You’ll be able to collaborate on your care, not just see it!

New Teeth In Just One Day?

There’s no way that’s right, is there? Can you actually get a full set of replacement teeth done in just one visit? Yes! Modern implant dentistry allows us to place your implants and attach a set of temporary, but incredibly lifelike, teeth the same day the implants are placed!

The trick is knowing how to allow the implants to bear a load while healing for several weeks. At New Albany Implants we know how to get great, comfortable results in just one day – it’s what we do! You’ll actually be able to leave with a new set of teeth in just one visit!

Once you’re fully healed the temporary bridge is removed and your permanent one is attached.

In-House Dental Lab

We’ve also done something else to bring the technology to you: we have our very own dental lab! That means when you have a dental restoration crafted you aren’t getting it from someone states away who’s never directly spoken with your dentist – you’re getting it from someone we work directly with!

By bringing our laboratory in-house we’ve created faster turnaround, better results, and happier patients. If you’ve been looking for a place that can truly do everything in one spot you’ve found us!

All The Tech In One Spot

We pride ourselves on being able to offer so many advanced services right here in New Albany. By offering these advanced services in one spot we’re able to make your care more convenient – you won’t have to run around to a bunch of different experts to get the results you want.

That’s the major difference technology can offer: convenience and easier care. We’ve invested a lot in making sure we can provide convenient, easy, and effective dental care that you can trust in – our dedication to advanced care speaks for itself!

If you want to visit a dentist who truly cares enough about your care to truly invest in it call us today at (812) 945-7645! You can also request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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