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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Choosing A Dentist In New Albany, IN

Choosing a dentist is one of the most important healthcare decisions you will ever make for yourself and for your family. At New Albany Implants, we have a whole lot to offer, from basic teeth cleanings to complicated restorative dentistry solutions. Our leader, Dr. Ron, is widely regarded as one of the best dentists in the state of Indiana. So, you can bet that you would be in good hands with us.

Still, in today’s post, we wanted to talk about the sort of things you should be taking into consideration when selecting a dentist to partner with on your ever-changing oral health needs.

Read on, and then make sure you get in touch with our team to schedule your consultation at our Southern Indiana dentist’s office.

Investments In Technology

Obviously you will want to get to know the team at your dentist’s office and you will want to have a good working relationship with your dentist. But it’s essential to know that you are committing to a partnership with a team who has the collective skills, training and hands-on experience to deliver the top-notch care you deserve.

You pretty much will want a doctor who has studied deeply and who is respected by other doctors in the region. For instance, when we set out to become the leading experts in dental implants in this area, we sought some of the world’s best teachers to provide training to our team leader. Not every dentist’s office in the Greater Louisville area will make that kind of investment of both time and resources.

More than that, you will want someone who knows how to keep up with modern tools and technology and is willing to buy into such advancements as they come along. And you will want a team that knows how to create an inviting atmosphere in which you can relax.

A Comfortable Office

From the second you walk through the door, you should feel welcome at your dentist’s office! The friendly (or not so friendly) faces of the staff and the overall vibe will speak volumes.

At New Albany Implants, we go above and beyond to make each and every patient feel special and sufficiently respected. The sad thing is that you won’t get that approach from every team in the region. Some places will leave you feeling cold and alone, like a faceless name on a chart.

If you are prone to having anxiety, you will definitely want to find a dentist with the best sedation options available for your family. It can make a big difference in your quality of care.

If you don’t suffer from dental phobia, sedation dentistry can still help you get the care you need. When you least expect it, you may need to go through a complex procedure.

Laughing gas is well and good but it won’t help you through an intense visit. Dr. Ron’s certifications in I.V. Sedation allow us to completely guarantee that our patients won’t feel pain or discomfort when they come to New Albany Implants. There aren’t a lot of doctors out there in this community who can guarantee that!

Preventive Dentistry Is Just The Beginning

Most families are not just looking for a place to get teeth cleaned. You are probably looking for a place that does it all. And that does it all under one convenient roof!

At New Albany Implants, we know how to deliver complex rehabilitative dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and IV sedation. But most dental practices in the Southern Indiana area can’t make the same claim.

We Are Ready, Are You?

There is no time like the present to boost your smile! If you are ready to take the next step towards a healthier, better-functioning mouth, contact New Albany Implants today to schedule your initial consultation!

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