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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Ceramic Implants: Wave of the Future?

Millions of Americans over 18 have lost some of their teeth. Many turn to dental implants or artificial teeth anchored by titanium posts surgically embedded into the jawbone. Implants are designed to last for years, but the metal posts usually show through the gums as dark grey. If you’re replacing a lot of teeth, aesthetics can be a problem.

Ceramic Abutments

A new type of implant may solve this problem. The new implant uses ceramic components instead of the usual metal, but it is as reliable as conventional implants. The ceramic component is the abutment or the tiny screw that attaches the false tooth to the part that is visible over the gums. The anchor or post is still made of metal.

The researchers found that different implants could take a wide range of forces, and the ceramic abutments were as good as some of the strongest metal components. Ceramic abutments are promising, but saliva and acids in the mouth may affect the strength of ceramic over time.

All-Ceramic Dental Implants

Another kind of implant is made of ceramic, from the replacement root to the crown. The CeraRoot all-ceramic system is bio-compatible and there are no gray lines that show through the gums. If you’re getting a lot of teeth replaced, this is the most aesthetically pleasing solution. Current data is still insufficient to recommend all-ceramic implants as a replacement for all-metal implants, however, so you should consult a expert before deciding to get all-ceramic implants.

An all-metal dental implant is still the gold standard when it comes to teeth replacement. Dental implants:

  • Let you eat a variety of foods
  • Prevents low jawbone density
  • Improve chewing and speech
  • Are more comfortable than removable dentures

Dr. Ron Receveur is an expert implant dentist in Indiana. Come in for a consultation today so you can learn more about our solutions to missing teeth.

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