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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Build Your Beautiful Smile By Visiting Us

When you look at your smile, what do you want to see?

Do you want teeth that look natural? Do you want a full set of teeth? Do you also want the confidence of knowing that your teeth are going to stay in place?

Dr. Ron Receveur is one of the premier dental implant dentists in the United States, and he’s placed thousands of implants in his career. With implants to secure your new teeth, you can rest assured that your smile will look great for decades to come.

And you won’t be referred anywhere else during your treatment. We can handle every step right here at our office in New Albany, IN. To see the result for yourself, start by calling (812) 945-7645 today!

Built For Better Smiles

Dr. Ron has an extensive personal and professional background in implants.  As a child, he had a congenitally missing tooth. This meant many more dental visits than most children have, and it meant he started dealing with replacing teeth at a young age.

When he learned about dental implants, it was a life-changing moment for him and for his patients. Dr. Ron dove in, learning as much as he could about this implant option that is the closest thing you can get to having brand new teeth.

During his career, he has studied with leading implantologists around the world. This includes people like Dr. Paulo Malo, an innovator of the All-On-4™® implant placement technique and the founder of the Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal.

What Dr. Ron learned was more than just new techniques for placing implants, however. He learned new ways to make the experience of getting implants better for our patients. This is why he developed the All-In-One-Place™ approach to teeth replacement.

At our office, we have 3-D CAT Scan imaging technology. This is invaluable for assessing the health of your teeth and bone and for planning your procedure.

Unlike many other practices, we also have the training to offer IV sedation in our office. It allows us to remove teeth (when needed), place implants, and attach replacement teeth in one visit to our office. We call it the One Day Smile Solution™.

And just so you know, we have an in-house dental lab. This way we know that your new smile is up to our high-quality standards for appearance and durability.

Dr. Ron places more than 500 implants every year, and he has a success rate of better than 98 percent. This is why we feel confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty on every implant placed at our practice.

Designed With YOU In Mind

Patients like you are at the forefront of our thoughts with we make decisions. It’s the reason we have created an office and an approach to restorative care that makes the process as pain-free as it can be.

Dr. Ron has been helping patients from his office in New Albany for close to 40 years. He has attracted patients from around the region and around the country because of his skill and expertise.

At the same time, we have a team of dedicated professionals who do everything we can to improve your visits with us. That’s why it’s so important that you choose a practice that knows how to treat you and can answer your questions every step of the way.

In our experience, building trust is as important to this process as anything else. When you come to New Albany Implants, you know we’ll be here to help you from start to finish.

When you see your new smile and when you can eat the foods that you love, you’ll appreciate why this is so important to all of us.

We are also aware that many patients have had bad experiences at other dentist offices. In some instances, that included feeling shamed or judged because they are missing teeth. You will not have that experience at our office. We are a judgment-free zone. Our concern is giving you the restorative care you need to feel good about your smile again. No matter where you are, we want to meet you there and uplift you.

Consider The Cost

There’s no question that figuring out how to pay for the procedure is a factor in what you decide.

There are two things to keep in mind. First, how much is a healthy smile worth? It’s not just about having nice-looking teeth. It’s also about having a new smile that function as well as the real thing.

With dental implants to secure your dentures, bridges, or crowns, you can bite and chew practically as well as someone with a full set of natural teeth. This means you can eat a healthy diet with a variety of foods.

Second, getting dentures alone won’t stop the bone loss that typically follows tooth loss. As a result, you will need to have traditional dentures relined or replaced regularly. Over a lifetime, those costs add up, which means the real cost could be more than that of getting implants.

Even so, please be aware that we offer a variety of financing options for our patients. We’ll do everything we can to work with you, so you can get the healthy new teeth you deserve.

Take The First Step

Whether you are just learning about dental implants or you have been researching them for a while, don’t make any decision until you visit Dr. Ron at New Albany Implants.

Let’s discuss what we can do to help you restore a complete, healthy smile once again. Call (812) 945-7645 or contact us online to request a consultation.

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