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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Are Your Dentures Making You Sick?

It’s a crazy thought, isn’t it: can your dentures actually make you sick? How could they be any worse than your natural teeth? After all, whatever is living in your dentures would surely live in your natural teeth. Unfortunately there is a serious danger lurking in many people’s dentures – are they lurking in yours?

At New Albany Implants we see countless patients who wear dentures. Many of them want maintenance performed on theirs or are seeking alternatives to uncomfortable, cumbersome dentures. No matter why you’re seeing us at our New Albany dentist office there’s one important thing to know: you have to keep your dentures clean to prevent risks of infection!

What’s Lurking In Your Dentures?

Studies have shown that a lot of patients don’t keep their dentures clean enough. It can be a pretty tiring procedure, that’s for sure! You have to brush, soak, and clean your dentures thoroughly before they can be considered clean and it’s hard to do!

That’s the big problem – your dentures can harbor a lot of bacteria that causes serious illness! The biggest culprit is staphylococcus aureus, which causes staph infections! In normal amounts in your mouth and airway it isn’t a problem but unclean dentures can contain a high amount of this bacteria! And here’s the biggest concern: you breath that bacteria in whenever you’re wearing unclean dentures!

A lot of patients who wear dentures are older and as you age your immune system doesn’t work as well as it used to. That’s a scary thought – you might be putting yourself at serious risk for a staph infection, pneumonia, or other hard-to-treat chest infection! And all because you might not be cleaning your dentures well enough!

It’s important to not only clean your dentures at night but to also clean your mouth as well! You can prevent infection and illness by simply taking good care of your oral health!

The Better Alternative

If you’re worried about dentures being a source of infection and illness then we can offer you an alternative: dental implants! Our New Albany office focuss in the placement of dental implants for a variety of different causes and we’d be glad to help you find a better solution to your tooth loss!

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are placed in your jaw right where the natural roots of your teeth would be. They are about the size of a tooth root and are incredibly good at bonding to your jaw, forming an super-strong seal that makes them permanent!

If you’re wearing a partial denture we can use multiple implants to create a series of bridges that replace all your missing teeth. We craft our bridges and crowns out of zirconia that perfectly mimics your existing teeth. You’ll be amazed at the appearance and strength of your zirconia crowns!

If you’re missing all of your teeth and wearing full dentures then we have news for you! We can replace all of your teeth in just one day! That’s right – you can leave our New Albany dentist office with a full set of teeth that are fixed in place after just one appointment!

We call this system the One Day Smile Solution. We use a special method of placing dental implants that allows them to bear weight immediately! Then we attach a temporary set of teeth that are fixed in place. You’ll brush them and take care of them just like the real thing!

Once you’re fully healed we’ll have you come back in so we can attach your permanent set of teeth. Once those are on you’ll be living life just like you did when you had a full set of natural, healthy teeth! You’ll brush them in the mornings and evenings just like you used to!

Imagine being able to eat all the foods you love, smile with confidence, and not worry about wearing dentures filled with disease-causing bacteria! That’s the life you can lead with a set of our full-mouth One Day Smile Solution teeth!

Make The Choice For Healthy Living!

You can live with the hassle and worry of dentures that might not be clean enough or you can be the latest person to live life with permanent, lifelike, and fully functional artificial teeth. We’re ready to help you make the choice you want for your happiness!

Schedule an appointment at New Albany Implants today by calling us at (812) 945-7645! You can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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