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All In One Place

If you are like the majority of citizens in the United States, time does not allow for you to run from office to office for a test here and a procedure there. We are the only dental practice in Southern Indiana to offer a comprehensive treatment from beginning to end All In One Place. Each test and procedure is performed here, in our New Albany office.

What a convenience! Everything done in one place from start to finish. Whether you are coming to us for a complicated rehabilitative procedure, Dental Implants, or cosmetic dentistry. We will perform all of your care right here in our New Albany office.

Your treatment will begin with a Galileos 3D CAT Scan, this will allow us to gain a very detailed 3D image of your head, neck, airway, and jaw immediately. No more waiting for results! This will occur on your very first visit. We are one of only 500 offices in the United States to offer this technology to our patients.

Once your diagnostic testing is completed, we can begin building a treatment plan just for you. This includes your level of sedation. We are the only dental practice in the area to offer IV Sedation. Dr. Receveur has taken the time and made the investment to attain an IV Sedation certification. This will allow even the most fearful patient make the dream of a beautiful permanent smile and less painful mouth a reality. With the moderate level of sedation offered the IV sedation dentistry method, you will sleep right through your procedure.

With our IV Sedation, you will even experience a shorter treatment time. Dr. Receveur will be able to place all of your implants in one visit. Everyone can agree, fewer visits are better. Fewer visits mean more time with your family and more time doing the things you enjoy.

Once you are sedated Dr. Receveur will personally place implants. He will then fit you with a set of temporary teeth that you will use while your implants integrate with your bone. Once your implants have had the chance to integrate, you will be fitted for your new permanent teeth. Your permanent teeth are even made right here in our office!

We have solutions for all of your dental problems and can solve them right here in our office. Even if you have been told there is no help for the condition of your mouth. You can find those solutions here, without judgement. We will create your new smile for you. You do not have to live with pain, dental procedure fears, and missing out on your favorite foods.

You do not have to run all over town to achieve the smile you want. We can help you from start to finish and beyond. What could make this better? We love what we do. We will help you achieve the smile you always wanted and begin to feel better about yourself.

Call today to experience the convenience of a comprehensive care dental practice with All In One Place.