Dr. Receveur graduated High Honors with a B.A. in Chemistry from Indiana University. He earned his dental degree from the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 1981. While at IU, he studied extensively in the area of congenital abnormalities, cleft palate, and solutions for these complex problems. After opening his practice in his hometown of New Albany in 1981, he was selected four times as “Best Dentist” in a local newspaper opinion poll.

Dr. Receveur is a graduate of The Midwest Implant Institute and The All-on-4 Clinical Residency at Malo Clinic, Lisbon, Portugal, where he studied under world-renowned Dr. Paulo Malo, innovator in the Implant field and the All-on-4. Dr. Receveur and his partner, Dr. Brad Frederick, have trained all over the U.S. and internationally, in places like Portugal, Brazil, and The Dominican Republic, to stay abreast of recent advances in Dental Implant Dentistry. This allows them to offer their patients the most advanced array of dental procedures in the region, tailored to their individual oral health needs.

Dr. Receveur has a keen interest in providing a superior level of service to his patients, exemplified by his desire to build a practice model where patients can receive all of their dental care in one location. Mirroring models such as the Malo Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, he provides an atmosphere where the clinical care and communication amongst doctors, lab technicians, and other providers is maximized.

Dr. Receveur is the innovator of The One Day Smile Solution. Having his own In-House Lab, State-of-the-Art surgical suite onsite, and 3D CAT Scan has allowed Dr. Receveur to provide Complex Rehabilitative Dentistry, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, and IV Sedation all in one convenient location. Certified in IV Sedation, he is able to offer anxious and fearful patients a pleasant and comfortable dental experience, allowing them to reverse years of neglect often in only one or two visits.

Dr. Receveur grew up in New Albany and has practiced there for over 30 years. His parents molded a strong work ethic in their children that has helped Dr. Receveur strive for excellence all of his life. Dr. Receveur and his wife, Jody, have three children: Colin, Luke, and Katherine, and three grandchildren. Colin and his wife, Amanda, have three children: Benjamin, Emma, and Adelyn. He enjoys cooking, woodworking, and exercising to maintain good physical health and energy.

How It All Began:

“My Story”

My quest to find the best solutions for people with missing teeth wasn’t just a professional decision; it grew from my own painful personal experiences. I believe that my story will have a lot of value to anyone considering dental implants or complex dentistry for the solution to their missing or failing teeth and denture problems. I share this information with you in order to demonstrate the benefits of implants, but also to show you that my personal experiences offer even stronger proof that implants are an optimal solution.

Born with a congenitally missing tooth, associated with a partial cleft palate, I was forced from childhood to rely on an awful removable plastic “flipper” to replace one of my front teeth. Because of that, I’ve always known the feeling of having something cumbersome and ineffective in my mouth.

I would chew much better without the partial, so I removed it whenever I ate at home, but I was too embarrassed to do that in front of others. Eating with that partial in place really took all of the enjoyment out of my meals.

As a teenager, I was able to get a traditional bridge made. This was done when permanent bridges were common, and I had to have the teeth next to the missing tooth ground down to support the bridgework. Naturally, I always had a greater sensitivity for people with missing teeth than my fellow dental students, and I learned everything I could about replacing missing teeth. As a senior in dental school, I decided it was time to replace my basic dental work with something more high-tech. I was in for the shock of my life when they removed that bulky old bridge – one of my formerly perfect teeth had been ground down to a “toothpick.” I swore then and there that I would find better solutions for my patients when helping them with their missing teeth.

My Search for the Truth about Dental Implants

It was easy to see that dental implants were the answer to many dental problems. I never understood why I was taught so little about implants in dental school, because missing teeth are a huge problem for people.

The Midwest Implant Institute in Columbus, Ohio was the clear choice to get the advanced implant training I wanted. Training is done “hands on” under the supervision of Dr. Alfred “Duke” Heller, the founder. He had placed 35,000 dental implants and is an expert and icon in the field of dental implants. Doctors fly to Columbus, Ohio from all over the world to train under Dr. Heller. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have had Dr. Heller in my own office to actually treat patients together. What an experience and opportunity!

To make a list of every piece of training I’ve had would be silly here, but one more person who has had a profound effect on me is Dr. Paulo Malo. Dr. Malo is the world-renowned innovator of the All-on-4® prosthesis. I was fortunate to be invited to participate in an All-on-4® Clinical Residency at the Malo Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal. Dr. Malo flies to New York to help doctors treat very difficult cases. Patients from all over Europe and the world fly to Lisbon to have their dental implant care performed. It’s a remarkable place!

After seeing the clinic that Dr. Malo had in Lisbon, Portugal, I was inspired to build and offer my patients an office and environment where they could get all of their dental care in one facility. Dr. Malo had 60 dentists and 600 support staff in Lisbon. It was surreal. Patients flew in from all over the world to have the team there treat them for their missing teeth, failing teeth, and denture problems. All of their care was performed in one place. This setup, where lab technicians, doctors, and state-of-the-art equipment was all in one facility, made me determined to have the same arrangement in my office.

The One Day Smile Solution

We are able to consult with our patients, come up with a treatment plan they are comfortable with, and plan a day where we can do any necessary extractions, dental implants, and beautiful new teeth, all in one day, right here in our office. Patients NEVER leave our office without pretty teeth and being able to smile and chew.

We offer our patients IV Sedation for their procedures. When they are confident that they will be comfortable during their procedure, they tend to choose solutions to their dental problems that make sense “long term” rather than thinking about “how much pain will I have to tolerate during my dental work?” … and sometimes making short-term decisions. We see this phenomenon every day. They are more apt to choose the “best answers” to their dental problems instead of “quick answers” (that they can “tolerate”).

Please take a moment and meet some of my patients by watching some of the videos here on our website. I didn’t script anything they said, and they offered to go on camera because of their life-changing experiences restoring their smiles and chewing ability. I am honored and privileged to be able to serve people like this. Words can’t describe how rewarding it is to help these folks “get their life back.”

All the Best!

Dr. Ron Receveur

The All-on-4® treatment concept is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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